Matt Mitrione Launches Scathing Attack on 'King Mo,' Roy Nelson

Current Bellator MMA light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader takes on Muhammed Lawal Saturday in the main event at Bellator 199 at SAP Center in San Jose, California. The bout is part of the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix. The winner of the fight will advance to the semi-final to take on the heavy-handed Matt Mitrione.

While Lawal has primarily competed at light heavyweight throughout the majority of his career, he has experience in the past at heavyweight, most recently in March 2017, when he beat Quinton Jackson via unanimous decision.

Mitrione recently told the media that “King Mo” was too small to get through the heavyweight tournament and the 37 year-old took exception to the comments saying he'd give Mitrione an “ass-whooping” for the comment.

Mitrione didn't like the tone of Lawal's comments and recently told MMAjunkie Radio that “King Mo” should just focus on the challenge in front of him on Saturday in Bader before opening his mouth.

“‘Mo' needs to worry about Bader,” Mitrione told MMAjunkie radio. “‘Mo' is going to get the (expletive) kicked out of him by Bader. If he wants to (expletive) with me, tell ‘Mo' to worry about his own ass. Tell ‘Mo' to delete that stupid (expletive) grill out of his mouth so you can understand what he (expletive) says. If he wants to come by, I'll shut that mother(expletive) up with an ass-whooping as soon as I see his (expletive) ass. (Expletive) him, (expletive) Roy Nelson and (expletive) that whole crew. Bader is going to whip his ass, so it's not even a thought anyway. (Expletive) ‘Mo.'”

“King Mo” is friends with Roy Nelson, the man Mitrione beat at Bellator 194 in February. After the fight, Mitrione criticized “Big Country” for using some underhanded tactics to get himself back in the fight after falling behind early on.

Mitrione called “Big Country” a “cheater” and “dirt bag” and Nelson responded to those comments in a March interview with MMAjunkie.

“Matt's a guy that's always the pot calling the kettle black,” Nelson said. “I think he's still upset because he's cheating on his wife and stuff. That's all I heard that whole week, was him cheating on his wife. So I think he has a lot of guilt, and he's got to take his rage out somewhere. But there's no cheating on my end. I think he's just upset because in his heart he didn't really feel like he won. He wasn't the best fighter that night.”

Mitrione had not publically commented on those comments by Nelson but didn't hold back this time stating those comments is a reflection on Nelson's lack of intelligence.

“It didn't bother me, it just shows how (expletive) stupid he is,” Mitrione said. “The comment itself didn't even make sense. You can tell he was salty because this mother(expletive) got called out for cheating. He made some stupid (expletive) comment about something I did four years ago that I've openly addressed. When I talk about my situation other people learn from my experiences. I don't hide (expletive). People approach me all the time and say, ‘Hey man, when yo…

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