UFC Star Nate Diaz Involved in Audience Scuffle During Grappling Event in Sacramento

Trouble seems to find Nate Diaz when he attends any type of combat sports event these days.

In a video posted by TMZ Sports, Diaz appears to throw a punch during a melee in the crowd at the Fight to Win Pro 77 grappling event at the Hyatt Hotel in Sacramento this past Friday night. The cause of the incident is unclear, but Diaz is only visible briefly as two men are separated by those in the crowd during the altercation.

According to the report, Diaz was in attendance to support some of his students at the event. Witnesses told TMZ Sports that Diaz and “his crew” left and that no one involved in the incident was arrested.

Earlier this year, Diaz was allegedly involved in a brawl with Clay Guida and others at Combate Americas 20 “Mexico vs. USA” on May 11. According to Tyler Diamond, Guida's teammate, Diaz pushed Guida from behind and then hit Diamond with a “Stockton Slap” when he attempted to break up the altercation. Guida, whose lip was bloodied after being shoved i…

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